Saturday, December 4, 2021

Questions about Using Dimensional Funds through Betterment for Advisors

Will there be model portfolio templates available for me to use?

How do I create my own portfolio once approved?

Once your firm is approved for access to Dimensional Funds via Betterment for Advisors, your firm’s admin person will be able to create model portfolios with Dimensional Funds. It’s easy to create and brand your own custom portfolios from scratch. Firm admins can create client portfolios directly from their Advisor Dashboard through 3 easy steps:

1. Select the “Portfolios” tab on the left

2. Choose the tab labeled “Dimensional Portfolios”

3. Select “Create Portfolio”

If additional members of your team need administrative access to the platform, simply have your firm’s primary contact notify us at

Contact us if you want to become approved with Dimensional Fund Advisors or learn more about Dimensional Funds on the Betterment platform.

If you click the link above, Betterment may share your firm name with Dimensional in order to determine firm eligibility to use Dimensional Funds.

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